Which doubles skill level should I play in?

Which doubles skill level should I play in?

At 541 Beach we only have two skill levels for doubles: A & B. As our community grows, we will expand to cover the range of skill levels: AA, A, BB, B, Novice, Rec, etc.

A Skill Level

Players at "A" level understand all rules and have excellent ball control. They can adequately perform all actions on the court: serve, receive, set, block, attack. Serves are always over-hand, receiving is always legal, sets are either bump or legal hand-sets, blocking with hand-signals is a consistent part of the game-plan and attacks are spikes, cuts, pokies, jumbos, hi-line or roll shots. The A level player knows what these terms mean. Teams at this level call their own faults and can accept or agree to re-play if a fault is called on them by the opposing team. No ref is required.

B Skill Level

Players at "B" level include anybody that doesn't qualify as A level, including players who are completely new to the sport. The B player knows the basic rules but doesn't consistently make legal contact with good ball control. The B team strives to execute pass-set-hit volleyball but generally does not hand-set or attack the ball aggressively. Blocking is not part of the game-plan, both players cover the court on defense. A ref is required to maintain integrity of the game.

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