What is a Blind Draw Tournament?

What is a Blind Draw Tournament?

Good question!
A blind draw player doesn't want to organize a full team every time.
A blind draw player has lame friends who don't play volleyball.
A blind draw player is looking to meet other athletes.
A blind draw player is looking for community.

You register and pay for a blind draw tournament as an individual. When you sign-up, we'll ask you to rate your own skill level. Be honest!
Recreational players may have never played a tournament or maybe it's been years since you picked up a ball in the high-school gymnasium back in 19-whatever.
Intermediate players have played enough to know the game: where to be on the court, how to execute pass-set-hit, good ball control, always legally contacts the ball (maybe not hand sets!) but isn't quite at the top of their game.
Competitive players know exactly where to be, control all their touches, can block and attack and, most importantly, can lead a team.

Honesty is important. Teams will generally be arranged with 1 recreational, 2 intermediate, and 1 competitive player, ensuring teams are even and competition is level. If higher level players sandbag, therefore stacking a single team, it won't be fun for anyone to pound a team of 4 rec players.

Blind Draw tournaments prioritize community over all-out competition...but that doesn't mean we get all sloppy with the rules. Palm-up slaps, two-hand dunks, fish-in-the-net, and foot faults are all off limits. Each game is refereed by a member of team within the pool, however the ref is basically there to keep score and settle any disputes. All players should call their own faults and the highest skill players should call faults on their own team so we can all learn and improve.

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